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Coffee Table Faux Books (AS-IS)

Coffee Table Faux Books (AS-IS)

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[Update] Some books are slightly bent or has yellow spots, but unnoticeable unless scrutinised. Please only purchase if you’re comfortable.
New, exclusive designs for Kinfolk, Loewe and Chanel - some of our most loved "brands!" (:

Looking for something to spice up your coffee table or your shelf? Look no further, these faux Decor Books is great as a prop or a decorative item. Do note that this is not a real book, but a cardboard hollow box (:

Kinfolk, NYC, Loewe, Prada, Celine - 26.7cm * 17.5cm *4.2cm
Chanel Mademoiselle, Matisse 

- 26.7cm * 17.5cm *3cm

Slight dents will NOT be considered as a defect, please purchase only if comfortable (:

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