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Sadie Bowl (2 sizes)

Sadie Bowl (2 sizes)

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Hello Sadie, the sunshine of our collection. Made from yellow kiln speckle ceramic, Sadie brings warmth and vibrancy to your dining experience. Her warm, cheerful hue and delicate speckles evoke feelings of joy and positivity. Let Sadie brighten up your mornings and infuse your meals with a burst of happiness.

Each plate has undergone a reactive glaze process that gives it a unique finishing, no two items are identical.

Sadie Bowl
Dimensions: [Small] 4.6 inches wide, [Medium] 6 inches wide
Material: Ceramic
To note: Microwave and dishwasher safe 

Each piece is carefully handmade and fired at high temperatures for durability. Because of this, there may be slight differences in size and colour between items due to the nature of the process. No two pieces are exactly alike and slight differences will not be considered a defect. 

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